5 Ways to Re-Organize a Small Kitchen

Are you tired of a clumsy kitchen? Well, small kitchen spaces can be a cumbersome task to maintain and if you have achieved the feat of keeping it clean, consider yourself on top of the food chain. Jokes apart, the concern is very much real. You can be relieved by knowing the fact that maintaining your kitchen without cabinets and a small cooking area is very much possible and easy too. If you have a rented house, changing the settings of the build is not on the list and no such option will stop your way to an organised kitchen.

 Re-Organize a Small Kitchen

Stack it Up

Stacking is one of the most efficient ways of using up space. Given you have a small kitchen, which leaves things lying around the place makes it look messy. There is a bitter truth behind stacking. It might make things a little harder to access if not done the right way, so make sure you divide your modular in stacks only where it is necessary and possible. You might not want to mix up two different commodities and hence end up using a large space for a couple of things. Stacking can work like a charm in such situations and divide the space into two or even three compartments.

Keep Items Closer to Where They’ll be Used

This is one thing we all think about but do not actually implement. A secret behind an unorganized kitchen is that things aren’t kept in its place. The reason could be that you got tired or just forgot to keep it later. The simplest solution to the problem is to keep things in close proximity to where they’ll be used in which case, they can be placed back in their docks as soon as they are done with. It will save a lot of time and hard work, while keeping your kitchen a tad bit tidier.

Do Not Bury Frequently Used Items

An organised kitchen doesn’t only mean your kitchen looks neat and clean but it also means that the things you frequently used are placed in the lower cabinets or where they are easily accessible. Placing your knives which cut it fine, in the deepest corners of cabinets and your special occasion crockery for show off in the closet cabinet is a rip off of an organised kitchen. Organisation comes with ease of accessibility and make sure you are not devoid of it.

Rolling Carts and Vertical Shafts

If your kitchen lacks he precious modular space, there is no need to worry. Rolling carts are an amazing addition to your kitchen especially because they are mobile and can be moved from the site of hindrance if they pose any. Also, you can bring your wall to use. Just use a curtain rod to hand whatever you possibly can. It’s a really efficient use of space and you can also nail you walls to hang frequently used utensils or appliances. Make it look aesthetic and not shabby as they would then counter attack the strategy towards an organised kitchen.

Use Your Oven

Does it sound insane? Yes, it is quite insane but it works pretty well. You can use the oven to stack up your pans and cutting boards. Don’t worry, it’ll not harm your oven when it is switched off. You can place them comfortably when you are not using either of them and when you do use them, just slip them back in position and you are good to go. This can be considered one of the hacks than a tip.

Be ready to now have a more organised kitchen than you previously did. Make sure you manage your cutlery well and they don’t end up lying here and there. Keeping things to a minimum is the best option and try to get rid of things you don’t use anymore which will declutter your kitchen.

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