3 Things You’ve Never Thought Of Using Your Garage For

When you say the word ‘garage’, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a messy, dirty, catch-all room full of cars, tools you don’t know how to use, and junk.

Often used merely for storage space, most garages are overlooked as a valued part of your property and tend to gather dust over the years.

However, with the rise of companies offering earning potential by renting out your garage, such as Lock Up Garages, it might be time to start thinking differently about your unloved space and give it the makeover it so sorely needs.

Things You’ve Never Thought Of Using Your Garage For

Here, we’ve found three things you’ve probably never thought of using your garage for to give you that much-needed kick of inspiration.

Entertainment room

One of the most fun ways to transform your garage is to turn it into an entertainment room, often known as a ‘man cave’.

You can fill it with arcade games, video games, pool tables, table football, darts, TVs, stereos and more, making it the one room to rule them all and the envy of all your neighbours.

You could also take it up another notch by installing your own personal bar, where you could serve craft beer, spirits and whisky cocktails before unwinding with a competitive game of football.

Just remember that you’ll need to consider installing electricity and plumbing for a decent man cave!

For more ideas on creating the perfect entertainment room, check out this post by Housely for more inspiration.

Things You’ve Never Thought Of Using Your Garage For


For the bibliophiles among us, you may have been dreaming of your very own Beauty and the Beast library since you learned to read (or at least got into Disney!).

However, a library of these grand proportions is extremely difficult to fit into a studio apartment or terraced house, especially when that corner of the room has been earmarked for a flat screen TV by your unconvinced partner.

In that case, your unloved garage could be the answer to your prayers. By installing some floor to ceiling shelves, adding a comfy armchair and a quaint lamp, you’ve got your very own reading room.

Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll have to make sure your walls are properly insulated and waterproof to prevent any damage to your beloved books!

Craft room

If you’re looking more for somewhere to exercise your creativity and work with your hands than sit and relax, then turning your garage into a craft or hobby room is an excellent choice.

Installing some cheap flooring roll or vinyl, a large workbench and some wall shelves to store all of your materials is a good place to start, as well as adding in some stylish lighting and decorating.

This could even be the start of the craft business you’ve always wanted, or just earning some extra pennies by renting it out to a budding crafter!

For more hints and tips, check out this handy guide by Start A Craft Business which can help you to get started in setting up a craft workshop.

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27 thoughts on “3 Things You’ve Never Thought Of Using Your Garage For”

  1. Over the years, the junks in my house is just piling up and the go to place to store things is the garage. I sometimes would love to use my garage for my workshop to build thing, but there is just too much junks. I think I have to do a garage sale this summer.

  2. Actually, I have had a garage that I converted into an entertainment room. And I helped a friend convert hers into a craft room. I haven’t thought of it as a reading room, though. I have a HUGE oversized garage. Now, I’m just dreaming of all the books it will store – instead of Amazon boxes waiting for recycling.

  3. Aww! I would love to covert my garage into an entertainment room! It would be so awesome to have a pool table for my hubs, and a bunch of games for the kiddos! That way we could host playdates there and also date nights (pool nights) 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  4. Garage can be used as other function, as long as it is tidy and organized. You can even make it as a guest room, especially when the garage is super neat

  5. Love the idea of making a library!!! That is innovative. I have seen people make man caves and rec rooms out of their garages, and it is a very good use of the space!

  6. Those are really awesome ideas! I never would have thought to use a garage as a library before, but that is definitely something I would consider. Thanks for sharing!

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