Three Top Tips for DIY Carpet Cleaning at Home

Having fresh and clean carpets can change the whole feel of the room and can provide you with a series of benefits, including having increased carpet life-expectancy, killing nasty germs, and keeping your home smelling fresh.

However, all home owners will know that keeping carpets clean is no easy (or cheap) feat, especially if you have children or pets and, sadly, vacuuming isn’t always enough to keep your carpets properly clean.

Tips for DIY Carpet Cleaning at Home

But, before you rip up your carpets and swear to have wooden flooring for the rest of your life, please know that there are plenty of DIY tips which can help to keep your floors pristine and we’ve detailed three below.

Steaming with your iron

Getting a carpet steamer is great but, if you want to go the DIY route, using your household iron can be an even better option as you will be able to target tough stains with more vigour.

All you’ll need is a light-coloured cloth, an iron, and your DIY carpet cleaning solution. The solution should be made up of:

  • ¾ cup of water
  • ¼ cup of vinegar
  • A few drops of washing up liquid

We spoke to professional London-based carpet cleaners, Cleaner Cleaner, who instructed: “Soak your cloth with the solution and wring it out slightly so that it’s not dripping wet. Then, cover the unwanted carpet stain with the cloth.

“Ironing the cloth for only a few seconds should remove the stain but, if it’s particularly stubborn, you may have to iron the cloth a few times.”

Use beer

Beer isn’t just a one-trick pony, as it has many uses outside of the pub, one of which is cleaning carpets. This DIY trick works particularly well for those all too frequent tea and coffee stains.

This method is especially simple as all you have to do is pour a splash of beer onto the offending area of the carpet and gently rub it in with a cloth.

The majority of the stain should be gone within the first attempt, but you may have to repeat the process a couple of times to see the entire stain leave the carpet. If you’re impressed with this beer trick, check out these other uses for beer!

Freeze chewing gum

Chewing gum being stuck in anything is always a messy situation and carpets are arguably worse as the chewing gum will usually have been stuck to the bottom of your shoe first.

To relieve your carpet of a chewing gum blemish, get an ice cube from the freezer (you may want to use gloves so that you don’t hurt your fingers) and hold it over the affected carpet area for a minute or so, or until the gum freezes solid.

Once the gum is frozen, discard the ice cube, and gently peel the gum from the carpet. You can also gently use a butter knife to aid this process.

Do you often find that chewing gum ends up in your hair/clothes/shoes? This infographic will show you how to get chewing gum unstuck from a multitude of sticky situations.


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6 thoughts on “Three Top Tips for DIY Carpet Cleaning at Home”

  1. Carpet cleaning is so difficult! It’s tiring and takes up time. These are helpful tips though. Especially for those stubborn stains. I hadn’t heard of the beer trick before.

  2. Hey, thank you for these tips. I never thought beer has other use than setting the hair and creating curls. I’m just so excited to use it clean our carpet. I guess i could also apply the ice cube to clothes witj bubble gum. Let me check.

  3. Hey, thank you for these tips. I never thought beer has other use than setting the hair and creating curls. I’m just so excited to use it clean our carpet. I guess i could also apply the ice cube to clothes with bubble gum. Let me check. But really, glad you were able to blog about this.

  4. I’ve heard about freezing gums before and it sure sounds promising especially that gums are just way too nasty and very difficult to remove. I have never heard of using beer before, though. It would be wise to stash a few bottles on the fridge for carpet emergency.

  5. Hey, my home got few carpets as our family members love carpets. Really enjoy reading your tips sharing, gonna use some of it to clean my carpets too. Personally gonna try the beer one 1st. Cheers, Siennylovesdrawing

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