Easy Tips for Buying Bedroom Furniture

Whether you’ve moved in somewhere new or you’re looking to freshen up your current bedroom, the best place to start is with furniture. You’re on the hunt for new pieces and there are a few things to keep in mind — it is your room after all. Here are some tips to consider to make sure you end up with a space that’s tailored to you.

Tips for Buying Bedroom Furniture

Find Your Inspiration

Feeling overwhelmed with filling an entire room? We don’t blame you, it’s not always easy! To get to know what you’re looking for, you’ll need to do some research. Explore product pages to open yourself up to new aesthetics and to spark your inspiration. Whether you’re set on a style, looking to find products that match, or maybe you’re just curious to see what’s out there, we’ve got you sorted. We make your research as easy as possible to guide your creative eye, with assorted 1825 interiors’ Collections and Style pages that keep you on track. Hop onto Pinterest or Instagram for the latest trends or look into home and lifestyle magazines.

Explore Styles, Themes and Aesthetics


Once you’ve found your style, it’s time to explore the type of furniture you’ll need. Start with a bedframe  —  it’s your centerpiece and can set the entire tone of your space. For example, if you’re looking for more of a bohemian and rustic style, an organic dark wooden frame will immediately bring an earthy feel to any boho bedroom.

Buying Bedroom Furniture

Pair our Stonemill Bed Frame with the rest of the Stonemill collection for a consistent look, or add a little texture and contrast by pairing it with our Vintage Industrial Lamp Table ($195.00). This will enhance both pieces and add some contemporary, stylistic interest. Put a personal stamp on fixtures to feel at home in your space and to bring your furniture to life!

Consider Your Lifestyle

Consider how you live your life day-to-day to be sure that you find yourself with a room that you love and that works for you. If you have kids or pets, you’ll need items that can endure a little wear and tear, for example, choose a wood bed frame over a fabric one. If you struggle to keep your space organised, invest in some practical storage. The Tuscan Tallboy ($839.00) is a system that will provide you with a vast amount of capacity, without becoming over imposing. Its subtle, elegant colours and careful build will mean that you’ll be able to incorporate plenty of storage whilst combatting any crowding.

Buying Bedroom Furniture

Organise Your Space

Plan where your furniture will fit into your room. If you’re not entirely sure of the size of your items just yet, map out a rough idea of where they’ll go. By practicing some Feng Shui you’ll keep your environment calm and healthy. Have a little extra space? Add extra elements like a desk and a fabric chair, your room will become multifunctional and you’ll be getting the absolute most out of your bedroom.

Know Your Measurements

Be meticulous with your measurements. Having a go with the measuring tape will make you feel more comfortable when you’re tackling the dimensions of not just your furniture, but also any decor you may choose. Nervous about shopping online? All of our products have their exact dimensions on our website for you to have full confidence in.

Compile Wish lists and Make Long-Term Investments

Don’t feel like you need to run out and buy a whole new room of furniture in one day. Compiling a wish list is a great way to keep an eye on pieces that you are interested in while you budget!


Sometimes, the add-ons are the best part. Transform your furniture by incorporating artwork, and ceramics – these take a room from cold to homely in just a few minutes. Statement items such as a large rug or more subtle, small accessories will add tone and style to a room.

Keep it Light

Light fixtures are another great resource when designing a space. Lamps are not only convenient but also very transformative. From industrial, to eclectic, to classic; whatever your taste, lamps are a great way to be playful with your space.


Most importantly, have fun with your bedroom! Furnishing a home doesn’t have to be too serious, you’ll enjoy yourself more when you’re making choices that are both beautiful and life-friendly. Express yourself through your bedroom furniture to take your space to the next level, it’s a deeply personal room that is there to relax and comfort you.

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