Choosing a Plumbing Company in South Africa

Choosing a Plumbing Company in South Africa

For any home there are many incidents that you must hire a professional and well experienced plumber. Therefore it is always important to know how to hire a plumber in any urgent situation such as […]

Replacement of Old Plumbing in Chicago with Eco Build Co. to avoid Lead Poisoning

Replacement of Old plumbing in Chicago

In Chicago, lead poisoning through water is becoming a health threat as most residents consume water that contains lead. Recent researches done in Chicago using tap water shows that water is contaminated with lead. These […]

Are You Prepared For The Most Common Household Clogs?

Most Common Household Clogs

Nothing drains the energy like a clogged pipe in the house. Imagine, your washroom filled with a dirty smell and dirty water flowing up from drains. Gosh! It is a horrifying experience, indeed. If you […]