Are You Prepared For The Most Common Household Clogs?

Nothing drains the energy like a clogged pipe in the house. Imagine, your washroom filled with a dirty smell and dirty water flowing up from drains. Gosh! It is a horrifying experience, indeed. If you want your waste material to pass through the drains properly then you need to ensure all precautions and remedies are taken care of well in time.

Following are the most common household clogs that everyone experiences at least once in a lifetime.These are the situations that you need help of a plumber.

Have you seen your kitchen sink getting clogged?

Most Common Household Clogs

Again, this is not something new. Every house experiences this at least once and the major cause is letting the leftover food pass through the drain. Below are some causes mentioned that lead in clogging pipes:

  • Do you let the oil pass through the drain pipe?
  • Do you allow the skin of the chicken to pass through the drainage pipe?
  • Do you push the peels down the drain?
  • Do you allow the petite chopped vegetables to pass through the drainage?
  • Do you allow the used tea and coffee grinds pass through the drain?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then chances are your kitchen drainage system is going to suffer sooner or later. Ensure, you know is where you can get the finest expertise when the sewer is troubling you.

Have you ever experienced your toilet getting clogged?

Now, this is not something new. This clog is the most common one amongst all the household clogs. The toilet paper, the biodegradable waste, and ahem are the reasons why the toilet gets clogged so frequent. However,  sometimes,the problem cannot be solved at the surface, in fact, it appears to be in the realms of sewer pipes and drains. This does not seem as simple as it appears as this may cause in broken sewage pipes and damage the archaic plumbing systems.

Most Common Household Clogs

Is it just the smell that is worrisome?

The material gets stuck in one place due to the clogged sewer pipe. This blockage does not allow the material to pass through the pipes smoothly. The end result of which is – it sends back everything that you want to flush down the drain. This can also cause a lot of health problems if not solved in its initial stages.

Shower drain also needs immediate attention:

This is not surprising at all, the shower drain also blocks your drainage system. During hair wash, you must have experienced hair fall. This is the main cause of a clogged drain, however, the soap buildup is also a cause of clogged shower drain as it sticks to the walls of drains because of its greasy nature. This process is generally slower but because the size of the drain pipe minimizes in diameter, the dirty water flows back up. In fact, the bath products are not water soluble.

Henceforth, never ignore the sign that your drains are showing you. It is always advisable to take immediate precautions before your house becomes a pond of dirty water. 



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