How Convex Mirrors Save Lives

If you’ve ever driven around any of Britain’s crazy winding country lanes or encountered a series of hair-raising blind bends, you’ll know how vitally important good visibility is. A convex mirror is a popular way to gain extra visibility when it’s in short supply. But that’s only one good reason why people use fish eye mirrors. Here are some more. As you’ll see, these clever mirrors are incredibly versatile pieces of kit with a multitude of important applications, domestic and commercial.

How Convex Mirrors Save Lives

Traffic mirrors on narrow roads, blind bends and tricky junctions

Cars are highly dangerous: at least a ton of metal and glass travelling at more than 10mph with considerable momentum, controlled by a flawed human being at the wheel. Good visibility is crucial for safety on the roads, and a traffic mirror is often an excellent way to widen your angle of visibility so you can see exactly what’s around the corner at all times. If your driveway is hidden or obscured, tightly curved or particularly narrow, or on a blind bend, it could save your life… or someone else’s.

The convex security mirror

Convex security mirrors are ideal for shops on the lookout for shoplifters, and can be used indoors and out in strategic positions so no corner of the premises is out of view of your staff. With retail theft at high levels and some shops’ profits suffering terribly from constant stealing, it could have a dramatic beneficial effect on your bottom line.

Watching the kids

An inspection mirror is also the ideal way to keep an eye on your children while they’re playing out. They might be just around the corner or playing unsupervised, but as a parent you know that just one second of inattention can mean things go horribly wrong. A curved mirror lets you ensure they’re safe by removing blind spots, warning you of oncoming traffic and revealing unexpected visitors. If you’re fortunate enough to have a swimming pool, it’ll also help you keep an eye on them when they’re in the water.

Parking safety with a diverging mirror

A curved mirror reveals what’s going on in narrow parking spaces, restricted garages and difficult to navigate entryways, ideally angled so you can see around corners and monitor the vehicles that pass by.

Enhancing security in residential areas

Parabolic mirrors make visibility in residential areas so much better, helping to boost security as well as acting as a deterrent for thieves and mischief makers, who tend to choose easier targets. Because convex security mirrors deliver wide angle views, fitting them high up gives an excellent bird’s eye view of an area.

More applications for parabolic mirrors

These simple yet clever mirror designs are frequently used to help provide employees with a safe working environment, for example in warehouses, docks and factories. The best mirrors are vandal resistant and have an unbreakable surface. They’re used to give extra security around sensitive computer monitors and at cashpoint machines, are perfect for parking lots, garages and warehouses, and are widely used to enhance security and safety at recreational facilities, schools, hospitals and prisons.

In a nutshell, if you want to see into a space that’s otherwise impossible or a challenge to see into, there’s a good chance that an intelligently-placed convex mirror will do exactly that for you, boosting safety, increasing security and taking unwanted mystery out of your life!



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