5 Essential Drill Attachments for Your Next Handyman Project

As a handyman, you are required to have the skills and knowledge required to fix just about any problem that the house faces. This also means that you have to know what parts you need to have as part of your toolkit to speed up all of your jobs as much as possible. You may or may not know, but even a simple tool like a drill can be optimized for a variety of jobs simply by knowing which add-ons to use and for what purpose. Here are five of the most important drill attachments you need to complete your handyman tool kit.

Essential Drill Attachments

  1. Metal Cutter

A metal cutter, also called a nibbler, can be very useful in situations where you have to cut through metal. In spite of their usefulness, nibblers are not very well known in the handyman community. Make sure you get a couple of nibblers of different cutting capacities so that you can use each one for its specific purpose. The design of the metal cutter allows you to cut out very small pieces of metal with little to no distortion, making it a great addition to your drilling set.

  1. Magnetic Bit Holder

Bit holders are incredibly versatile in that they are capable of accepting a wide range of screwdriver bits, and the magnetic nature of the holder ensures that the bits don’t fall out before they can be drilled into a hole. You can opt for the regular three-inch ones that are used on most jobs, or for the longer ones that can reach inaccessible places.

  1. Rotary Rasp

Rotary rasps are used in jobs that involve cutting and shaping of wood. After using a saw or a similar tool to cut out a large chunk from a block of wood, a rotary rasp is used to remove any extra wood that remains, so that the right shape can be achieved. If the material is not too brittle, this tool can be used on plastic as well. For this tool, knowing how much pressure to use to achieve the best result is important. However, a rotary rasp will not leave a smooth surface after use; you will need to use another tool for giving the surface the final touches that it needs, like sandpaper or a file.

  1. Circular Saw

This tool can be extremely handy for small jobs that don’t require a heavy-duty circular saw of a massive size. Although it cannot be used for materials that are too thick, most handyman jobs can be made much easier with a circular saw attachment. Since the mechanism that rotates a drill and a circular saw is more or less the same, having this in your drilling tool kit can make it convenient for you by eliminating the need to have an entire tool in your kit.

  1. Right-Angle Attachment

There are many jobs that require a little more reach than most drills can offer. For those places that are hard to reach, a right-angle attachment gives you the ability to drill around corners. The 90-degree interface of the tool makes it a lot easier to finish a lot of jobs that would otherwise require a lot of effort to finish. With this tool attachment as well, make sure you check the size and the drillable materials before buying it. Also, the structure of the tool often leads to a loss of power and speed, so keep that in mind as well while using it on a job. Check out this website for more information and tips on drilling.

No matter how easy your job is made with the use of these new tools, always remember that safety comes first when handling high power machinery like drills. Avoid wearing baggy clothing or any loose objects that can get caught in the drill and cause injury to you. Applying the right amount of pressure, rather than too much or too little, while using the drill is also extremely important. Since drilling involves a lot of dust flying around especially near your face, it is a good idea to wear eye goggles and a face mask so that nothing you’re drilling gets in your eyes or nose.

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