How to Effectively Maintain Your Home Appliances

In this modern world, we rely on technology for everything and anything around us. Starting from morning coffee in the brewer to the toast maker, washing machine to refrigerator and microwave oven to the dishwasher, it’s impossible to imagine a life without these basic home appliances. With their extortionate prices, it’s our responsibility to maintain them properly on regular basis. So below given are the ways to take care of certain basic appliances for their longer life:

Maintain Your Home Appliances

1. Microwave Ovens

Proper cleaning and following the safety instructions is enough to avoid any damage. Some Microwave ovens have self-cleaning options and while others don’t. So cleaning the glass stand and surrounding areas is really important to avoid any infestations. Also be careful not to slam the door, as a small impairment can cause the whole appliance to stop.

2. Electric or gas stove

Cleaning is the only key to keep your stove working for years to come. Wipe off the spills on the stove right away and avoid any build up. If it’s a stainless steel surface then use mineral oil and damp cloth to clean it after every use. Use a toothbrush to clean the debris from the igniter. For electric stoves, clean all the removable parts around the igniter to avoid a fire hazard and subpar heating.

3. Refrigerator

This is one such heavily used appliance that needs to be serviced only by professionals. But there are few ways to keep it from overworking. The condenser coil that keeps your fridge cool can get clogged up with debris if not cleaned regularly. This makes the refrigerator to work harder thus heating it up the motor. So use a rag or vacuum with a brush to clean this area on a regular basis. Also, the rubber gasket on the door that seals air inside can get cracked up with time. So inspect on this to avoid the fridge from overworking.

4. Dishwasher

Make sure to clean its filter to avoid clogging up and to maintain a free flow of water. Overloading with dishes can reduce its efficiency. And thus you may want to run the cycle again causing it to overwork. Minimize the white calcium deposits from the water by running a high heat and a rinse cycle.

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5. Air conditioners

The regular cleaning and replacing of filters is what keeps your air-conditioner work efficiently. Dirt and grime can get clogged in its filter causing less cooling of your room and more heating of the unit. Also check on the drain for any clogs too. Call the professionals to clean the evaporator coil and condenser unit at regular intervals.

As the famous saying goes “A stitch in time can save nine”. So a periodic maintenance and servicing for your valuable appliances on a regular basis can save both money and time.

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