5 Cleaning Hacks to Have Your Rugs Looking Brand New

Rugs are a promising way to change the outlook of the whole house. A new carpet fills the dull room with brightness and uplifts the energy level. But that is not all. Rugs are much more than just glamorous pieces of fabric. They protect the floor. They keep your feet warm and provide you a soft squashy surface to walk on. Carpets also face a lot of dirt and pressure. Mud from the shoes, pressure from the heavy furniture like a work table, bed, etc. gradually steal away that vibrant feeling, leaving the rug look so dull and lifeless over the time.

Cleaning Hacks to Have Your Rugs Looking new

Your pain and worry are understandable because nobody wants to leave their favorite classy carpets that way. Actually, keeping carpets and rugs clean, fluffy, and looking alive is not that a difficult task. By following a regular and smart cleaning regime, you can easily have the rugs sparkling and breathing all the time as if new.

Let’s check out the 5 basic ways of rug maintenance that would surely add a lot many years to the life of your delicate rugs!

1. Regular Vacuum Sessions

No amount of intense and vigorous rug cleaning sessions can beat the need for regular vacuuming. Imagine cleaning all your furniture once a month. You wouldn’t do that, right! A weekly dusting is something that has got to be on your list. Same goes for the carpets too. Of course, a thorough cleaning is necessary but that’s not going to happen very often.

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Your delicate rug hides those little crunches of cookies while your kids have been munching on them. Needless to mention the invisible dust particles present in the air settling on the carpet. While it also tolerates the pet hair and absorbs the dirt sticking to the shoes and slippers.

All this calls for a weekly round of vacuum cleaning. This helps the carpet get rid of dust and other coarse particles. Use proper nozzle attachments in the vacuum cleaner that wouldn’t harm or entangle the fabric of the rug. While cleaning, run the machine in horizontal lines and not haphazardly. Before vacuuming, take the rug outside and then strike it with a mop or a stick to get rid of any settled dust.

It only makes sense to move all the bigger furniture pieces temporarily to run the vacuum easily. This way, you would also reach to those rare corners which remain inaccessible otherwise. Another great idea is to sprinkle an ample amount of baking powder all over the carpet before vacuuming. This is just like dusting your cake with an icing sugar. It is easy. It is quick. And it adds a refreshing touch to the carpet.

2. Spills and Stains

If you are seriously in love with your carpet, do not allow any kind of spill or stain to stay there for a long time. Acting quickly doesn’t let the stain settle. As soon as you see things like ink, sauce, curry, or even wine, falling on the rug, wipe it clean without losing any time. The shorter the contact period is, the lesser is the impact on the rug.

Now, we are not talking about taking a piece of cloth and starting a tug-of-war with the carpet. There should not be any rubbing. Instead, with a sponge or cotton cloth dab the spot dry. You can either use a commercial carpet stain cleaner, white vinegar, or soap solution to do dab the stain. Repeat the process a few times and then let it dry completely.

If the stain has been there for very long and just caught your eyes, worry not! We have got you covered there too. If it is mud, let it dry up on its own. You can then, scrape the dried mud particles slowly and then vacuum it later. Treating the stain with a concentrated solution of white vinegar or using shaving cream is also a brilliant idea. However, it would be better to first try it on a small patch and make sure there is no color-fading.

Whatever solution you’re using, leave it for at least 15-20 minutes for it to work effectively. Once the blotting part is over, place a wet towel and then move a heated iron over it to catch up any leftover stain particles.

rugs cleaning hacks

3. Deep-Clean Therapy

Deep clean therapy for the rug can be sorted into three main steps. These are brightening the carpet and tackling the color fading, freshening up the rug to get rid of the odor, and softening the dents. And we are going to talk about these steps one by one.

So, if you have a rug that has really started to fade and the color is disappearing, here is what you should do. Remember how soaking your legs in warm salted water takes away all the pain! Well, the same salt water can also take away the carpet dullness. Take a fresh piece of cotton cloth and dip it in the salt water and rub it over the rug. You can also spray the same and then wash it later.

To drive away the bad smell that develops in the rug over the time, sprinkle the carpet generously with baking powder and then vacuum it after 15-20 minutes. A quick way to give your rug a sparkling look is to treat it with ammonia. Mix ammonia in a liter of water and spray lightly on the whole carpet. Let it dry completely afterward. However, first try this on a small spot.

Coming to the softening point, some of the best saviors are fabric softeners, carpet shampoos, white vinegar, corn-starch, ammonia, etc. You can also place some ice cubes at the extremely flattened spots. Afterward, dab those portions with a dry cloth or lightly iron them. Combing the fabric threads with the fingertips, fork, or a blunt butter knife brings the fluffiness back and makes the rug velvety.

4. Handling with Care

Prevention is better than cure. Of course, cleaning the carpet on a regular basis is essential. But the truth is that you can save your carpet from a lot of damages and aging by taking little precautions every day. If you have pets at home, bring home a carpet that is sturdy enough to handle the scratches and bites. Opt for a dark rug which can perfectly conceal the marks of teeth and nails.

A great amount of dirt can be avoided by surrounding the carpet with runners and mats. Make it a habit to take off the shoes while stepping on the rug. As an alternative, you can also put on some shoe caps. Whenever you see something stuck in the carpet threads, avoid pulling it out by force, as this could damage the threads and make them loose. Instead, sit comfortably on the rug and look for the knots closely. Hold it and neatly cut the entangled portion with a scissor.

There are some other ways also to care more for those delicate colorful carpets. For instance, flip the carpet and vacuum on the backside of it every year. This would give the unused side a touch of glow. For those who have a busy life, washable rugs with synthetic fibers are a good option. They are easy to maintain and survive for years.

Are carpets troubling you with static? Well, calm down those raging thread with a smoothening fabric conditioner. Not only are they good at pacifying the stat, but also bring a fresh smell and shine to the rug.

5. Reach Out for Some Professional Help

Well, if you’ve tried everything out and still not satisfied with the way your carpet looks, don’t hesitate to consider a professional help. This also applies to people who love the rugs but don’t really have enough time to take good care of these delicate articles.

Another reason why the commercial carpet cleaners are better is that they are experts at understanding and handling every type of carpets. For instance, the carpet fabric could be woolen, nylon, coir, fur, etc. And each of this fabric type requires different cleaning method. The professional carpet cleaning saves the carpet from any accidental damage while cleansing the rug.

Those who feel their carpet has lost its shine and find it lifeless, having a carpet cleaned by the professionals would surely change their mind. Same goes for the carpets with stubborn stains that just wouldn’t go away no matter what you do. Hand over the responsibility to the experts. Sit back, and relax until a spotless carpet with a brand new look arrives at your doorstep! They have special liquids and agents that can break any difficult stain and make it disappear. Believe it or not, the carpet professionals really give a makeover to your rugs while saving you a lot of time and hard work.

Take the charge of carpet cleaning in your hands with full confidence and add many more years to your rugs.

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