Choosing the Right Monumental Mason for All Your Construction Needs

Monumental masons are masons who concentrate on the creation, repair and installation of headstones in monuments and historical places or even museums. They even create stone headstones for graves in the burial ground, with the name and lifespan of the individual engraved. These masons are generally engaged in creating or restoring headstone memorials, cremation memorials, memorial restoration, and re-planning. The stonework is usually very detailed and finished.

Monumental masons are generally very talented craftsmen as the headstones or structures they create are usually placed at monuments of strategic importance or the graveyard of your loved one.  Right from the selection of stone, to using the concrete, bricks, cement and mortar in the right proportion, you need the monumental mason for building a super structure.

Choosing the Right Monumental Mason

How to choose a good monumental mason

Look for certifications: All experienced monumental masons hold certifications and are a part of an association of masons. Look for accreditations by National Associations. They are the best as they adhere to standards required for their artisanship.

High standards: Choose your monumental mason based on the high standard of work he does. Always go for agencies that supply high standard of work and masonry. Big agencies generally supply professional masons for the job. You can select them based on their previous work, and a mason who has made a garden statue might not be the ideal one for making an entire building. So, choose a monumental mason according to quality standard.

Family Recommendations: Getting a monumental mason from recommendations by family members is the best. Recommendations from close friends and family are 100% genuine, as they would give you actual reviews on the mason’s quality of work, timelines, and deliverables.

Multiple suggestions: A good mason who creates headstones will not just create for you, but also provide you valuable suggestions, like the type of stone to use, whether you should go for granite, sandstone, or marble. They usually help you to pick the stone of your choice after judging the weather conditions of the place where it is to be installed. This is important as the weather may affect the stone structure if it is not selected properly.

Design Range: A good mason will share with your multiple design options to help you choose the best. From granite to stones, they will have a whole range of beautiful designs in a catalogue that the masons from an agency can implement according to perfect proportion.

Choosing the Right Monumental Mason

Service, Delivery and Techniques: When you choose a monumental mason, ensure that you choose one who guarantees and promises quality service and delivery and employs the latest techniques in creation. Check on the timelines, they should be feasible for you. In addition, the designs they offer must be those created with the latest technology in masonry and matching your taste and requirements.

Physical visits: A good mason will always visit your location be it your house, cemetery or church prior to the creation and installation, so that he can suggest the best options for you. A physical visit is highly essential in this respect. Post inspection, they will suggest the size, design, stone or material to use, words and inscriptions to write and all other details.

Testimonials: If you browse through online website offering monumental mason services, look out for ones that offer testimonials. The testimonials will help you decide if you should choose the services of that particular mason or not. Many sites also give ratings. Look out for high ratings. Check for how long they have been in the business.

Choosing the perfect monumental mason is not difficult if you follow the tips detailed above. After all you would want good memorabilia for someone special who has left for the abode of God or a famous personality.

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  1. The factors that you have to look at when deciding on a masonry contractor are quite specific, but do make a lot of sense. After all, you will want to make sure that they have a wide design range before hiring them. That way you can make sure that they will be able to make the design that you are looking to make for your project.

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