What are Liquidated Damages in Construction Contracts

Liquidated Damages in Construction Contracts

Liquidated Damages is another important term discussed in construction contracts. Sometimes contractors misunderstand liquidated damages as a penalty for not completing the construction project within the stipulated time fame. However liquidated damages are not a […]

Structural Underpinning Methods in Construction

Structural Underpinning

Structural underpinning is one of the methods used for strengthening an existing weak foundation. In any underpinning method, the existing foundation is strengthen by giving additional structural support. However underpinning should be done by well […]

Construction Site Safety Issues due to Workers Refusing the use of Safety Equipment

construction site safety

Construction Site Safety is one of the most discussed topics in new developments.Safety is one of the major concern for any construction project. Usually construction sites are open for many accidents and hazards if there […]

What is Abortive Work in Construction

Abortive Work in Construction

What is abortive work in construction? Abortive work is a common term used in construction projects, but if you are not sure about this term, below is a simple explanation. Abortive work in construction refers […]

Loadscan Able to Handle Large Rigid Dumpers


There has always been a common misconception about load volume scanners and that is that many people believe that they are only able to handle road trucks and the smaller type of articulated haulers. Source: […]

Importance of Variation Clause in Subcontract Agreement

Ways Construction Lawyers help Building Projects

Variation clause is an important clause for any construction contract. Most of the construction projects end up with variations to the original contract scope. These variations has an impact for the project value in way […]