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The Contracts Engineer is a site which shares articles and information mainly about construction contracts and projects.

Amila Gamage is the founder of this site and she is an experienced Contract Administrator / Quantity Surveyor with over 10 years of full time working experience.In 2012 she left her full time job and started working as a freelancer.With her experience as a freelancer serving many clients around the world,her next step towards her career advancement is to founding a platform where she can offer her contract administration services to her clients.As a result The Contracts Engineer is born.

Academic Qualifications:

  • In 2003, Graduated with BSc Civil Engineering from University of Peradeniya ,Sri Lanka (Second Class Honours)

  • In 2012, Graduated with Specialist Diploma in Building Cost Management from BCA Academy, Singapore (Gold Award)

  • In 2016,Graduated with Diploma in Digital Marketing from Shaw Academy.


  • Proficiency in relevant software, CPD courses for continual improvement

  • Member of professional bodies

  • Experience: over 14 years of experience in Construction field

  • you can check her linkedin profile for more details and her experiences on construction sector