10 Bathroom Design Ideas on Budget

While the world is obsessed with the fancy interiors of their bedroom, living rooms etc., what people don’t realize is that of having a beautiful bathroom is important too. Though it might sound a little trivial if we come to think of it, the bathroom is the place where you start and end your day. In reality, renovating bathrooms can get heavy on the pocket and finding low-cost decorating ideas is very difficult. So, this is a list of things that you could look at when planning to redesign or renovate your bathroom that is economic and make your bathroom look like a home spa select too.

Bathroom Design Ideas on Budget

  1. Paint the walls

Years have passed following the tradition of a white ceiling of the bathroom, but you can do something very different by just add colors to the ceiling. This gives a new definition to your bathroom. You can glam it up by adding some contrasting fittings and toiletries. And a contrasting ceiling looks very interesting as well.

  1. Limit Your Tile

Tiling all the bathroom walls along both the floor can get a bit too expensive. In order to limit the tiles, what you can do is tile half the wall of your bathroom and paint the rest.

  1. Set the floor tiles creatively

Another creative and inexpensive way to decorate your bathroom is to set the tiles in some patterns. For example, set a certain area of the bathroom floor with designed tiles and the rest with a combination color. This adds more depth to your bathroom as well.

  1. Saving Space

Hanging sleek cabinets is a convenient and ideal way to store to conceal toiletries and other things in the bathroom. This will help you to save the floor space making your bathroom look bigger as well.

  1. Go Eco-friendly

Low- flow faucets and shower heads not only conserve water but also cost less than the traditional ones. This way, you will save water along with money.

  1. Imperfect is Perfect

The countertops in your bathroom are something that burns a hole in your pocket. Popular colors of granite stone slabs like tan, brown is expensive. Go for not so popular but soothing colors to save some money. But if you still have an eye on those popular ones, opt for ones that are not completely flawless or have patterns, etc. The more imperfect the stone is, the cheaper it will be. The trick to using such stones perfectly is by mixing and matching them with toiletries and flowers too.

  1. Be a Trendsetter

If you think that a granite countertop is not budget-friendly. You can go for a tiled countertop. It is cheaper and will restrain water from furniture and storage. This option will give your bathroom a trendy look too. Additionally, there are patterned tiles that are in the market that look trendier and newer than granite.

  1. Get Lit

Lighting plays a very important role in bathrooms especially because they usually do not get natural light. Changing the lightings can change the look of your bathroom drastically making it look new. Using different kinds of light like mirror lighting or wall lighting adds a little taste too.

  1. Caulk and Grout

While people fail to understand the importance to them, the appearance of Caulk and Grout also adds a lot of value to your bathroom. Both of them are quite cheap, and that is why when they get soiled, it is better to replace them with new ones.

  1. Curtains and Candles

After a hectic day at work, the ambience of your Bathroom should be pleasant and relaxing. Decorate your Bathroom with some home plants to add positivity, colorful curtains that spreads joy and fragrant candles that will set your mood. In fact, there are certain fragrances that can instill specific emotions and mood.

Now that you have pocket-friendly ideas to renovate your bathroom that does not require anything not available at the neighborhood dollar store. So, go in there and get creative, the bathroom is as important as your bed after all.

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