What are Variations in Construction Contracts

Variations in Construction Contracts

During contract administration,you cannot avoid situations of variations.This is why this term is more popular among construction professionals. —-We are moving to www.sihelaconsultants.com—- Please check https://sihelaconsultants.com/variations-in-construction-contracts/ for the complete article. Many Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


Preparing an Accurate Cost Estimation for your Construction Bid

Preparing an Accurate Cost Estimation

Preparing an accurate cost estimation for your construction bid is really important due to many different reasons.First,you want to win the construction bid.After that you need to deliver the construction project within the prepared cost […]


What are Liquidated Damages in Construction Contracts

Liquidated Damages in Construction Contracts

Liquidated Damages is another important term discussed in construction contracts. Sometimes contractors misunderstand liquidated damages as a penalty for not completing the construction project within the stipulated time fame. However liquidated damages are not a […]


Importance of Variation Clause in Subcontract Agreement

Ways Construction Lawyers help Building Projects

Variation clause is an important clause for any construction contract. Most of the construction projects end up with variations to the original contract scope. These variations has an impact for the project value in way […]


Construction Contract Administration – The Basics

Construction Contract Administration

Construction Contract Administration involves a process of activities which help to manage the design, contract agreement and its construction process of any development project with proper control.ย  While poor construction contract management lead a project […]


What is Retention Money in Construction Contracts

What is Retention Money in Construction Contracts

Retention money is one of the important term in construction projects.This article briefly describes the definition of retention money and how to deduct it from contractor’s claim. What is Retention Money in Construction Contracts? Retention […]

Construction Costs for a New Project

Find Your Dream Job in UK โ€“ Proven Tips

Construction costs help to identify the total project cost at the stage of planning and designing. While actual cost of a construction project can be different from the initial budget and estimation, when you have […]

5 Steps for Successful Software Implementation in Construction

Software Implementation in Construction

Choosing the right construction software is a big decision for every organisation. Nevertheless, managing to implement this new digital tool across multiple projects while convincing all your teams to use it correctly, itโ€™s a whole […]

How To Choose Commercial Air Compressor for Construction Project

Choose Commercial Air Compressor

Construction projects need different tools and equipment depending on the size and task.While construction machinery are high demand,you cannot complete your project without proper tools. If you are a QS, then don’t forget to add […]

How a Building Materials Catalogue Can Increase Sales

Building Materials

Building materials suppliers may find it difficult to share what materials they have on offer and in stock. One way to successfully market your building materials without the consumer having to come to the depot […]

4 Signs You Need to Repair or Replace Your Driveway

Signs You Need to Repair Your Driveway

Most driveways are designed to last for decades. For instance, a new asphalt driveway – Alpine Asphalt is expected to last for two to three decades. After that, they begin to wear out. A driveway […]

How to Purchase a California Contractor License Bond

How to Purchase a California Contractor License Bond

If you are a savvy and career-minded entrepreneur, becoming licensed is a smart move. This is because having a California contractor license bond will allow you to perform a variety of contracted services, both residential […]