Importance of Signing Contract with Your Roofing Contractor

As an experienced Contracts Engineer in Construction industry, I strongly recommend in signing a proper agreement before you proceed with any construction project. This is same for both commercial and residential projects including roofing work. Even if you look for minor repairs for your home or commercial space, having an agreement signed will prevent you from lot of future disputes.

For any roofing project it is necessary to sign a proper roofing contract which includes all necessary elements. Usually professional and licensed roofing contractors prepare the contract document including important terms before they accepting any project. However if you are the owner, it is necessary to check your roofing contract and its specific terms before signing. Although you’ve chosen the right roofing company and discussed every important detail before confirming, signing your roofing agreement is a must in order to carry out the work safely and contractually to the discussed quality.

Signing Contract with Your Roofing Contractor

Why it is important to sign a roofing contract?

Once you agree to a scope of work regarding your roofing project, it is important to sign a contract which includes all the discussed details. Why is it important to sign an agreement? Let me share some reasons.

It includes the scope of work and price

A roofing contract covers everything discussed verbally. It should include the scope of work and the cost for performing such roofing work. Therefore you as the owner know what your roofing contractor will deliver.

A contract will avoid future disputes

When you perform a contract, there may have situations where one party tries to carry out the work which are not as per agreed. Sometimes contractors try to use different low quality materials than they have agreed. At the same time there are owners who try to avoid payments or deduct money for unnecessary things. When you have written everything in a contract and signed, then you both know what to deliver within the agreed contract. Once both parties are bound by a roofing contract, most of the possible disputes will not occur.

You are legally protected

A Signed roofing agreement will be a legal document which you can provide for any legal action in the situation of breaching. If your roofing contractor breaches the contract or if he does not deliver the project as agreed, you have the signed roofing agreement which you can produce as a legal document. It is same for the roofing contractors in case if the owner doesn’t pay on time or wants to terminate the agreement after mobilizing.

Above are some of the benefits of signing an agreement with your roofing contractor after choosing the right roofing company. If you need someone to prepare your roofing contract or check your roofing contract before signing, contact us.


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  1. Thanks for explaining why having a contract is important when hiring a contractor. It’s good to know that contracts usually have the scope of the entire project. It sounds important to really look over the contract to make sure there isn’t any miscommunication between the two of you.

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