Construction Safety : Dust Control in the Work Place

Dust control is one of the major concerns for any construction project, manufacturing process or in any industrial work place. As dust can cause many health risks and hazards, it is necessary to pay attention on dust control systems which ensure healthy and safe environment in the work place!

Dust Control in the Work Place

Why is it necessary to implement a dust controlling system?

It is necessary to create a dust control plan for any construction project or any industrial process at the beginning of work to ensure work place health and safety. Industrial processes such as cutting, grinding and drilling create more dust making it hazardous for the workers and people living in nearby community. Construction work such as excavation, demolition and even a small paving work create a lot of dust which cause healthy risks for others.

This is why it is essential to control dust for safe environment. Other than health risks such as respiratory conditions which can occur in industrial or construction workers due to inhaling dust there are other potential risks such as explosions attached with such pollution. Combustible dusts can cause explosions making it fatal for workers.

It is also necessary to control dust daily to prevent accumulation. This will also reduce site or work place maintenance and cleaning costs.

Dust Control in the Work Place

How to control the dust at work place?

Dust control systems

Depending on the work process, there are different ways to control dust. If it is an industrial or manufacturing process, then dust control systems are really important. Dust handling systems such as dust collectors, exhaust ducts, vessels, dust collectors and extraction systems are helpful. In construction sites which produce more dust in each and every operation, it is also necessary to plan and implement a dust controlling system to avoid the hazards to workers and environment. Sprinkling water is one of the most used methods in construction sites.

Handling and Storage

In dust creating processes, it is also important to plan proper handling and storage solutions to minimize the dust generation. It is also important to avoid accumulation of dust. These can be done by routine housekeeping methods.

Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment for dust controlling such as respirators are necessary in any dust controlling plan. It is also important to educate the workers regarding the health and safety measures.

Implementing a dust control plan

It is also necessary to establish a dust control plan and designate a competent person to implement it. This dust control plan needs to identify the possible hazards and preventive actions.


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