Benefits of Building Management System (BMS)

Building Management System (BMS) is one of the important items to include in any building construction project due to many reasons. Before going in to the details of benefits of BMS, I’d like to share some details on Building Management systems.

Benefits of Building Management System

During my recent experiences in preparation of tender estimates for high rise building projects such as apartments and commercial buildings, BMS was one of the areas which I had to focus on and include in our estimate. In almost all recent new building developments include BMS in order to manage the building’s electrical and mechanical systems.

What is Building Management System? (BMS)

Building Management System (BMS) which is also known as Building Automation System (BAS) is a programmed control system which is used to control the mechanical and electrical systems of the building. Usually electrical, fire, ACMV and security systems are included for Building Automation Systems. In BMS there is a software included in order to control and monitor the mechanical and electrical systems which is beneficial in many ways to manage the building in its best condition.

Benefits of Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Designers and architects include BMS or BAS to their building designs due to its many benefits considering the easy maintenance of the building. Although there is an initial cost to install BMS during the construction period, the many benefits of BMS will save money for the developer or owner from the building running costs.

Here are some of the many benefits of BMS.

Building Management System lower the energy costs

Lower energy costs are the main benefit that building owner or developer receive by installing BMS system for his building. Using the building automation system, it is easy to control and monitor the electrical and HVAC systems and as a result these systems will run efficiently and smoothly. Therefore it will reduce the energy consumption making more savings from energy bills.

Productivity improvement

Having Bas or BMS to your commercial, residential or institutional building, you will make sure that the electrical and mechanical systems run smoothly. This will help to maintain the building without frequent break down or disturbances. As a result, you will get the opportunity to run your business in the building smooth without interruption. Finally you will notice the improved productivity everywhere.

Low maintenance costs

When there is a building automation system which monitor and control the electrical and mechanical systems, you will not experience frequent breakdowns. This will reduce the running cost of the building by lowering the maintenance costs.

Above are some of the main benefits of Building Management Systems/Building Automation Systems or BMS. Therefore when you consider cost control and management of your new development, BMS plays a major role in long run although there is an initial cost for installation.

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